The Print & Cut feature of the Silhouette machines is probably one of the most powerful features that the Silhouette machines offer. Although it seems intimidating to do, once you have mastered it your crafting and scrapbooking life will be way easier. When done correctly, you will produce perfect cut-outs that you can use for various projects—I have done boxes, labels, scrapbooking elements, vinyl and fabric cutouts, iron-on printables . . . the possibilities are literally endless.  

So, don’t hesitate to read on about using the Print & Cut feature successfully—beginner or seasoned pro, you might pick up a thing or two!

Of course, with every feature, there are guidelines that you have to follow to ensure your cuts are perfect. Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Setting up Your Design and Adding Registration Marks
  • Printing and Cutting Your File

Setting Up Your Design And Adding Registration Marks In Silhouette Studio®

1. Make sure to set your paper size to “Current printer.”

Most printers have a default size of 8.5″ in. x 11″ in. You can also use a wide format printer, but bear in mind the width of the Silhouette Cameo® is 12 inches maximum, so make sure to design your graphics only as wide as 12 inches.

Whatever paper type you are using, you must always ensure that the actual paper size you will be using matches the page size on screen so your cut lines will line up perfectly with the printed portion of your Print & Cut.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 4

Don’t forget to check “Show Print Border” so you can see where your printer will actually print—again, printers cannot print past this print border.

2. Add your registration marks.

The default sizes will give you a smaller area than the print paper to work with—you can adjust this by lowering the number on the Position options on the Registration Marks panel.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 5

3. Add your images in.

I used the Diamond cut file from designer Loni Harris (Design ID #16190) and converted the design into a tag I can use later on. Position them inside the area without the hash marks for it to be cut.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 7

To have all your registration marks printed, be mindful of where they are when setting them up. You want them contained in the print border for them to all be printed! Partial or incomplete registration marks will not be detected by Silhouette Studio®.  Again, if they are outside the print border, you may adjust them by increasing or decreasing the position of the insets on the Position option on the Registration Marks panel.


1. Print your document.

Again, making sure all your registration marks have been fully printed. Marks that go off the page will unfortunately not be read by the Silhouette Cameo®.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully -1

2. Load your document.

You must use a cutting mat when doing a Print & Cut project. Make sure your paper lines up with the marks on the cutting mat.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 2

Line up your cutting mat with the last guideline on the left of your Silhouette Cameo® and hit “Load cutting mat” on your CAMEO. Don’t forget to select this option so the machine feeds it just right under the registration marks detector.

If your registration marks aren’t being detected—do not worry! You can easily fix that by manually adjusting your carrier to read the marks.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 8

Registration Marks Not Being Detected? Here’s How To Fix!

  1. Select “Retry Manually.”

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 9

  1. Use the arrow keys to move the box right under the laser.

As a reference, I move the box to right about where the blade carriage is, as that is where the laser is located.  

  1. After positioning, click “Register,” and watch it register and cut flawlessly!

If this didn’t fix your registration problems or you need more help, contact the Silhouette Support Team here.

Using the Print and Cut Feature Successfully - 4

And you are done! Spruce up your tags with some foiling—or keep them as-is and use them for your wrapped gifts.

What Print & Cut project do you love making the most?