Hello friends!

So, I heard today is National Girl Scout Day. Although I was never a Girl Scout, I do know what their motto is: “EAT COOKIES!”

Jk. But seriously, it should be.

All joking aside, my boys are heavily involved in Boy Scouts so I appreciate the importance of programs that promote enriching activities for kids. Let’s commemorate the birth of Girl Scouts by making a custom vinyl cookie jar monogram, shall we?


This project is pretty much beginner level, so I’m going to quickly go through how I did it. If this tutorial is beyond your skill level then this post will just have to serve as inspiration. You know, kind of like if you give a mouse a cookie he will probably want to make a monogrammed cookie jar. 😉

Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

Step one: Create a monogram

After purchasing the monogram in the Design Store, open the Text Style Menu in Silhouette Studio®. Using the Text tool, create a monogram and size it to your preference.


Step two: Cut out the monogram

When you open the Cut Settings Menu, everything the CAMEO will cut will be highlighted in red.

Choose “Vinyl” from the menu and adjust your blade to the recommended number. Load the vinyl into the CAMEO,  click “Send to Silhouette” and watch the magic!


Step three: Prepare and apply the monogram

When the CAMEO is finished cutting, weed out the excess vinyl.

With the help of transfer tape, carefully apply the monogram to the cookie jar.


And that’s it! You just made a classic addition to your kitchen decor in a matter of minutes.
(This project works out perfect for me. I needed a wedding gift for next weekend!)



Now fill it up with cookies!