I know that most people use their Silhouette machines for cutting vinyl, but have you guys ever used the Silhouette Printable Heat Transfer Material? If you haven’t, then I suggest you try it; it will open doors to new possibilities.

See how I was able to make the cutest dream catchers because I was able to add a phrase onto the fabric? Printable Heat Transfer really can give a personalized meaning to a project.

Too bad Mother’ Day has already passed, but who’s to say you can’t give your mother a gift any other day for no reason at all? After all, she’s your mother. So this project was fun to make. These are actually heating pads that you can place in the microwave to heat and use it on your head in case you have a headache. I just created a design on my own and ironed it onto the fabric.

I dabble a little bit with hand embroidery, and basically I just printed a typewriter design and ironed it onto the fabric. Then I embroidered mini flowers and leaves on the design. It makes really cute wall art.

This tea towel was a gift I made for a friend of mine who moved into her new home. It was really simple to make. I just purchased a blank tea towel and ironed on my design. Then added a pom pom trim because pom poms just makes everything better.

Saving the best for last because we can’t forget about Christmas. This was actually an advent calendar I built for my kids. I just purchased some blank mini canvas bags and ironed my designs onto them.

I hope I gave you some inspirations to try new projects and materials. Silhouette makes two types of printable heat transfer material: one for light colored fabrics and one for dark colored fabrics. So make sure you chose the correct material for your fabric.

Always read the directions and your projects will come out amazing.