Silhouette recently released a new tattoo paper, and I’m here to tell ya’ll that it is AMAZING! I was a HUGE fan of the original temporary tattoo paper, but this new stuff is WHOA! What’s the difference you ask? The new temporary tattoo paper (drum roll) is WHITE! What does that mean?! Well, the new material’s background is white, allowing you to create designs with white! Which makes the tattoo have more a sticker or a face-paint appearance. To break it down for you, the original tattoo paper would apply CLEAR if you were to have white in your design. The NEW tattoo paper, lets you apply the white in your design, and it looks sooooo good! The tattoo truly POPS! An excellent and quirky example of this are these fried-egg tattoos!

Supplies Needed:

I also love how easy it is to add a white border around your design, using the offset panel, to really make your design stand out! That also makes cutting around your design a SNAP with Silhouette’s Print & Cut feature. 

The tattoo paper states that the temporary tattoo lasts on your skin about a day. I found that it lasted for a couple of days, which means that I most definitely walked around Target with egg and donut tattoos! See, I told you this stuff was awesome!

The possibilities for placement and design are endless, like my “WHAT TIME IS IT? DONUT TIME!” tattoo (pictured above) that I created using two Silhouette designs. I welding them together using the modify panel. My ultimate favorite tattoo that I created is this butterfly tattoo (pictured below). I got creative with the placement and applied the tattoo to my hands for some fun butterfly movement.


How much fun would this tattoo paper be for a party! You could take the party’s theme or the name of the birthday boy/girl and temporarily add it to your guests’ skin for a fun party favor. Or how cute is the idea of a tattoo booth?! You could even do fun family tats for a family reunion or use them to link buddies in a race! You could even use the tattoos to rep your favorite sports team. The options are endless!

– Brie Zacher