Hello, Silhouette friends! My name is Jennifer, and I am the owner and creative director behind The Craft Patch—a craft and DIY blog. Halloween is such a fun holiday, but I like decorations that are cute, not creepy. A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a craft idea… what if you combined a fairy garden and a witches hat?  It’s not the first time a project idea has struck me in the middle of the night. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I got to work. The hat is see-through, and there’s a spooky little scene inside!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Create The Witch Hat

  1. Begin by cutting out all of the pieces using your Silhouette machine.
  2. The first circle has a hole in the center and is the brim of the hat. It is included in the 3D Witch Hat cut file. Make the second circle the exact same size, but with no hole in the center. Be sure that if you change the scale of any one piece of the hat, you change the size of all the pieces at the same time so they will still fit together correctly.
  3. Cut the pointy part of the hat out of clear acetate paper. Attach it to the brim of the hat. I found that clear tape worked the best. I also used tape to close off the pointy part of the hat.

Step Two: Create the Spooky Scene

  1. Next, you’ll be creating the spooky scene. Arrange each of the separate design pieces in the center of the full circle of black cardstock.
  2. Use “L” shaped pieces of cardstock to make the shapes stand up, like this:
  3. Attach the witch to the top inside part of the point using fishing line or white thread so it looks like she’s flying. The fishing line can be threaded through the very tip of the point, then taped down.
  4. Lastly, lower the hat over the spooky scene base and line up the two circle edges. Glue into place.

Isn’t it so fun to see a little diorama inside the witch’s hat?

I am going to use my witch hat as part of my entry table Halloween décor. It would be a great party decoration too. And think of all the varieties you could do… make three hats and spell out the word “Boo” with one letter in each hat. Or make a grouping of hats with different scenes in each one. The possibilities are endless. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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