By Dec 08, 2018

Ho Ho Ho 3D Print Sign

I’ve always admired the scroll saw signs that I’ve seen on Etsy, wanting to either buy one or make one myself. But alas, I don’t have a scroll saw or any woodworking talent. But now that I have my Silhouette Alta®, I can mimic the look of wooden letters and make faux scroll-saw letters. You […]

By Dec 05, 2018

3D Letterboard Prints

When I first got my Silhouette Alta®, I was elated. Why? Because I’ve been dreaming about making my own letterboard letters ever since this machine was released. Well, my dreams have come true because I made them! Now I can completely customize my letter boards for every holiday, birthday—you name it. I’m sure you’re just […]

By Nov 14, 2018

Christmas Tree Straws

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re thinking about throwing a Christmas party, these little Christmas tree straw toppers will put your party over the…TOP! See what I did there? Calling these Christmas tree drink stirrers works as well. But whatever you want to call them or use them for, these are simple […]

By Oct 22, 2018

Shrink Plastic Cupcake Toppers

Can you believe I made these toppers from shrink plastic? I’ve never played with shrink plastic before, but now I’m hooked! The best part about these toppers, is that they are reusable. You could keep them forever, reusing them time and time again. My husband actually thought I had bought these toppers because the plastic […]

By Sep 24, 2018

Sewing Cards

My grandmother taught all her grandchildren how to sew. Before we were able to jump on her sewing machine though, she brought out sewing cards. She wanted us to learn the basics before we ever put our foot on the pedal. I remember she brought out sewing cards similar to these, except instead of on-trend […]