The CURIO2 is the first-of-its-kind precision cutting machine with a flatbed designed for expanded possibilities for creators. The CURIO2 provides a 12 in. x 12 in. flatbed workspace area with 20mm of vertical clearance. It is equipped with an Electrostatic Bed and power tool options. This allows the Curio to load and use more materials than any other cutting machine in its class.

The CURIO2 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems and utilizes Silhouette Studio®, the dynamic software behind all Silhouette cutting machines. Like all Silhouette cutting machines, it has Print & Cut registration capability.

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications
24.06 in. x 19.86 in. x 9.39 in.
23.8 lbs (10.8 kg)

Maximum Cutting Area
12 in. x 12 in.

Maximum Material Thickness

Maximum Cutting Thickness
3mm (Depends on the material)

Maximum Cutting Speed
3.93 in. per second

Maximum Cutting Force
300 gf (Tool Holder 1)
5 kgf (Tool Holder 2)

USB 2.0 (FULL-speed) / Bluetooth®

Requires Silhouette Studio® software version 4.5.700 or higher
Windows 10 or later; macOS X 10.14 (64bit) or later

Beyond cutting and sketching, creators will have an expanded creative realm with additional tool choices and machine features.

Notable Machine Features

Flatbed Construction

The flatbed design provides stability by holding the material securely to a flat surface, rather than a flexible cutting mat. Holding the material to the sturdy platform prevents misalignment and ensures high accuracy and stability.

With increased clearance, it can also handle a wider variety of materials with thicknesses up to 20mm.

The open bed construction makes loading and unloading materials easier than ever.

Smart Detection

The CURIO2 automatically detects the thickness of the material loaded into the machine. Therefore, materials up to 20mm thick can be loaded.

Electrostatic Bed

The CURIO2 uses an Electrostatic Bed, which generates a static electricity field beneath the material surface that safely holds it in place while cutting. This allows thin materials to be held in place without the need for rollers or an adhesive cutting mat.

Because there is no need to use a sticky cutting mat, thin materials will not tear or curl on removal. This also makes weeding and cleanup significantly easier.

Intelligent Path Technology

Our revolutionary algorithm, Intelligent Path Technology (IPT), introduces a patented world-first that optimizes cut orders to ensure a tension-free cutting experience for materials.

Predictive Cut allows designs with sharp, acute angles to be cut cleanly without tearing or rounding the corners.

It is now possible to cut several layered thin materials at once. This is especially useful for projects that require cutting the same shape repeatedly.

New Tool Options

The CURIO2 has a power carriage that opens up new creative possibilities by powering specialty tools. Power tools include the Heat Pen, Power Engraver, and Leather Punch Tool.

The addition of cutting-edge tools like the Embossing Tool and Pen Holder enables an exponential increase in the range of projects that can be created.

These additional tools are sold separately and can only be used in chamber 2 of the machine.

Enhanced User Engagement

CURIO2 provides easier loading and emergency stop features for a more satisfying user experience. If a major problem arises, immediate stop a cut job on the CURIO2 without having to power the machine off or disconnect it.

From the most intricate to the sturdiest of projects, CURIO2 has the power to amplify your creativity!