Looking for a fun and quick project to put together with kids? These printable puzzle cubes are an easy way to get your kids thinking! Kids can help with the construction and then enjoy solving the six various puzzles! We’re making our puzzles with chipboard and printable vinyl to be a bit more sturdy, but you could easily use cardstock if you don’t have any other materials on hand!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formating the Design

1. Insert the file into Silhouette Studio®. Format your page appropriately for a Print & Cut project: Set the size of your media—we’re using 8.5-by-11-inch paper—turn on registration marks. Ungroup the design file, as we’ll need to cut each block on its own sheet of paper. Make sure the block is within the cut borders.

2. Now load your printer with printable vinyl or a sticker sheet if you want to use chipboard sheets for your blocks. Otherwise, just load your printer with white cardstock. Use Print Preview to make sure your file looks correct and proceed to print all four block designs.

3. Once printed, peel off the back layer of the vinyl or sticker sheet and adhere the adhesive side to your chipboard, starting in the upper left-hand corner of your chipboard piece. Load the chipboard into your Silhouette cutting machine. Adjust your cut settings for Chipboard, but increase the blade depth by 1 to accommodate for the vinyl or sticker sheet. Make sure you’re only cutting the outer cut lines and the score lines for the blocks.

4. Repeat these steps for all four block designs.

Step Two: Construct Your Blocks

1. Once your block design is cut, remove it from the cutting mat. Peel the excess material away and discard it.

2. Fold along the dashed score lines of each block.

3. Use hot glue or a strong adhesive on the tabs to glue to box together.

Now your puzzle is ready for play!