By May 29, 2019

Crayon Box

There are few things in the world that can take us back to childhood like a fresh box of crayons. Just the sight of a new pack of crayons lined up in rainbow order is enough to take you right back to 1st grade. So it’s really no surprise that every year around the end […]

By Mar 10, 2019

Clover Glasses Cookie Cutter

If you haven’t yet started 3D printing with the Silhouette Alta®, what are you waiting for, friends? The possibilities are truly endless with 3D printing, but today we’re going to take a look at one of the sweeter options when it comes to the Silhouette Alta®: how to make a clover glasses cookie cutter from a simple […]

By Feb 05, 2019

Conversation Heart Treat Box

Conversation hearts are so much fun to craft every year when Valentine’s Day rolls around. They’re cute, they’re sweet, and they’re a little bit sassy! Sure the little candies themselves are a classic, but we really love all the DIY conversation heart treats we see around the web. Today we though it would be fun […]