There is no shortage of baby mobiles out in the world, so what better way to find the perfect one than to make it! We used our fabric stabilizer to cut out bird shapes and it came together really quickly. Customize your fabrics or choose different shapes for your own mobile!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Design

Insert Design ID #11311 into Silhouette Studio. Delete all the components of the birds aside from the bodies.

Then highlight your birds and click the Offset button in the Offset Panel twice. This will create two outlines for each bird.

You only need the largest outline for your birds–this gives some buffer room for your seam allowance when you sew the birds together. So delete the two inner bird shapes of each design, and size the birds to be between 4.5 and 5 inches wide

Then make a mirror-image of each bird by duplicating each bird and flipping them horizontally. This will give you two sides of your bird so that you can sew it together.

Now your designs are ready to cut!

Step Two: Preparing your fabric

Cut pieces of fabric large enough for your birds. Then cut pieces of Wash Away Fabric Stabilizer slightly larger than your fabric.

Spritz the grid size of your fabric stabilizer generously with water. Then apply your fabric to the center of the stabilizer. The water will activate a substance and cause the fabric to stick. Let it dry.

Once the fabric is dry, trim the excess stabilizer from around the edges, so it lines up perfectly with the fabric. Remove the liner and place on a cutting mat, fabric side up.

Now cut out all your bird shapes! We made 8 birds, each with a front and and back (16 pieces total)

Now that all your birds are cut, you can wash away the stabilizer in the sink or by throwing them in the wash. Let dry and iron.

Step Three: Assembling the Mobile

Sew each bird together by placing the two pieces of each bird right sides together and sewing around the perimeter, making sure to leave a 1-inch gap so you can flip the bird right-side out.

Flip all the birds right-side out and iron.

Then fill with fiber-fill or any cotton filling. Use a chopstick to help distribute the fluff.

Now hand sew the small opening closed using a slip-stitch and a needle and thread.

Then gather your felt balls and wooden beads and thread each string with one bird and a few beads and felt balls. Them them all out to create a layout you like and make any adjustments. When you have a final look, tie knots and add dots of glue to keep the beads in place if necessary.

Tie each string onto your embroidery hoop, evenly spaced along the hoop.

Then cut four strings of thicker cotton string and tie them equidistant along the hoop. Gather them together and tie a knot. This creates a way to hang the mobile.

Hang up in a nursery and enjoy your beautiful mobile!