Dare we even mention that school will soon be back in session? School supplies are starting to flood the shelves before our eyes! If you want to add a little pizzazz to your notebooks, Gold Foil Transfer Sheets are just the trick! Use your Curio machine to emboss fun motifs onto your supplies to make them a bit more special.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Designs

1. Make sure your machine is set to Curio and your mat and media size match accordingly.

2. In order to size your design appropriately for your notebook, measure the dimensions of the cover of your notebook. Our small notebook measured 2.5 inches by 4 inches. Use the shape tool to create a rectangle with those dimensions. Center the rectangle to the page.

3. Insert your design into Silhouette Studio®. Size it to fit inside the perimeters of your notebook and center it horizontally by selecting both designs and using the alignment tools.

4. Then select the bee design, or whatever design you’ve chosen, and open the Emboss panel on the right-hand side. Select “Deboss,” change the spacing to .005 inches, and select the spiral embossing pattern. This will turn your design blue.

5. Open the Send panel. Set the material to “Foil Transfer Sheets.” Make sure the rectangle used for your notebook template is set to “No Emboss” and only the design you want to foil is selected.

Step Two: Preparing Your Machine

1. Set your cutting mat onto your Curio base without any platforms—the notebooks are thick enough that you don’t need any.

2. Place your notebook in the center of your cutting mat with the side you want to foil facing up.

3. Cut a piece of foil slightly smaller than the notebook, remove the liner, and place the foil onto the notebook. Use painters tape to secure the foil and the notebook to the mat to ensure it won’t flip up once the machine is going.

4. Load your Fine Embossing Tool into the Tool 1 carriage, making sure it matches your software settings. Send your design to emboss!

5. Once your design if finished embossing, unload your base and carefully remove the tape and foil from the design. Then use your tape to remove any of the excess foil from the design by gently dabbing the design.

Now your personalized notebooks are finished!