By Feb 07, 2019

Foiled I Love You Card

Hi, there! Kelly here to share a foiled card project with you. I love adding shiny foil to all kinds of surfaces, but today we’ll create a card with foil transfer sheets […]

By Sep 17, 2018

Gold Foil Thank You Cards with the Silhouette Curio™

I love sending and receiving mail! Getting an unexpected note in the mail is always such a treat. I keep a big box of blank note cards both at home and at […]

By Aug 09, 2018

Metal-etched Key Chain

One of the very cool features of the Silhouette Curio™ is the ability to etch designs onto metal surfaces. We’re going to walk you through the etching process and show you how […]

By May 23, 2018

How-to: Shape Tools

Silhouette Studio® provides you with a set of basic drawing tools you can use to create shapes. It takes the pain out of creating them yourself. For starters, you can locate the […]

By Feb 21, 2018

Heat Transfer Purse Pouches

Every day I waste a lot of time trying to find things at the bottom of my purse. Whether I am searching for a pen, eyeglasses, or lipstick, I never seem to […]

By Jan 01, 2018


Stippling is the process of creating designs or images out of dots, and the Silhouette Curio™ and Silhouette CAMEO® have the ability to do ink stippling. Supplies Needed: Silhouette Curio™ or Silhouette CAMEO® […]

By Jan 01, 2018

Metal Etching

With the Silhouette Curio™, you have the ability to etch custom designs on metal. This opens up so many possibilities for you! You can make some awesome artwork, jewelry, or decor items. […]

By Oct 05, 2017

Spotlight: Professional PC Modder, Calen Saddler

There are all kinds of Silhouette creators who use Silhouette products for a number of projects. This Silhouette Spotlight features Calen Saddler, creator of Envious Mods. He uses the Silhouette CAMEO® and […]

By Sep 20, 2017

Nautical Nursery Art

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy or if you’re like me and wait a year to finally decorate the nursery, then you’ll love this project. I’ve combined three different Silhouette […]

By Sep 11, 2017

Etched Geometric Cactus Clock

Ticktock, it looks like it’s time for you try out the Silhouette Curio™’s amazing etching function. How about you try it out by making a fun Geometric Cactus Clock? This is a […]

By Sep 08, 2017

Foil Transfer Sheet Thank You Card

Silhouette has taken the foil craze to a whole new level! Have you seen the new Foil Transfer Sheets? This new foil material is pressure sensitive, so you don’t have to deal […]

By Dec 04, 2016

Dual-Carriage With The CAMEO 3 And Curio

Hello! Kelly here today to teach you the advantages of and use of the dual-carriage found on the CAMEO 3 and Curio. It’s one of my favorite features of these machines. Note: […]