Flexishapes are a new feature introduced in Silhouette Studio® version 4.2 Designer Edition Plus and above.

Flexishapes are found over on the left among the other drawing tools.

You’ll find over 60 shapes that can be drawn and then manipulated to create complex or simple custom shapes. Choose a Flexishape, and then click and drag across your design page to draw the shape.

Once the shape is drawn it can be adjusted in multiple ways. Each shape is a little different so you can just experiment with dragging the number slider, the red dots, and the white dots.

Drag the number slider, if the Flexishape has one, to change the number of petals, branches, ridges, points, etc.

The red dots and the white dots are both different ways to adjust size, depth, and direction. 

Each shape will be a little different, so you can just click and drag the adjustment nodes to see how the shape changes.

Just have fun experimenting to see what kind of unique shapes you can create that will add to your designs. We hope you enjoy the new Flexishapes for Designer Edition Plus and above in Silhouette Studio® version 4.2.