By Aug 15, 2019

Silhouette Studio® 4.2 Designer Edition Plus – Puzzle Generator

Design ID #189232 Design ID #188866 Design ID #192904 In version 4.2 of Silhouette Studio®, those with Designer Edition Plus and above have the ability to use the Puzzle Generator feature. If […]

By Aug 09, 2019

Silhouette Studio® 4.2 Designer Edition Plus – Flexishapes

Flexishapes are a new feature introduced in Silhouette Studio® version 4.2 Designer Edition Plus and above. Flexishapes are found over on the left among the other drawing tools. You’ll find over 60 […]

By Jul 26, 2019

Silhouette Studio® 4.2 – Print Bleed

Silhouette Studio® 4.2 introduces Print Bleed as a feature for all editions, standard and above. To show you how this feature works, we will be using Design ID #58727. In the Page […]

By Jul 09, 2018

Line Patterns – SS 4.3 DE Plus

[SDS Designs used: Come Fly With Me #56503; Flower #26951] Line patterns are a new feature for Designer Edition Plus users and above, beginning in Silhouette Studio v 4.3. Line patterns are […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Weld, Subtract, and Intersect – S3D v1.2

Design: Gifts #10056 Silhouette 3D v 1.2 has some great tools to modify your 3D shapes. If you’re familiar with Silhouette Studio, you may already know about the weld, subtract, and intersect […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Stretch Tool – S3D v1.2

Mini garden rake #268232 The Stretch tool is a new feature introduced in Silhouette 3D v 1.2 that lets you split an object, then stretch it from that split point. Click on […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Sculpt Tool – S3D v1.2

New in Silhouette 3D v 1.2 is the Sculpt tool. You can use this tool to push and pull objects into new and unique shapes. You’ll find the Sculpt tool at the […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Mirror Tool – S3D 1.2

[SDS design used: Three Vines with Leaves #54802] The Mirror Tool is new in Silhouette 3D v 1.2. To use the Mirror tool, select a shape and choose the Mirror tool. Notice […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Knife Tool – S3D 1.2

[SDS Designs: Pineapple pendant #269348; Palm tree pendant #269347; Tropical leaf pendant #269301] The Knife tool is a new feature available in Silhouette 3D version 1.2 and higher. Choosing the Knife tool […]

By Jul 01, 2018

Alignment Tool – S3D 1.2

[Design used = Floral Monogram K #188866] The Alignment Tool is a handy new feature for all users in Silhouette 3D v 1.2. Let me show you how it works with this […]

By May 24, 2018

Silhouette Software 4.2 Library Overhaul – Standard Edition

Silhouette Studio v4.2 has a new and improved Library experience for you. Let’s go to the Library Tab and I’ll show you the highlights of the Library in v4.2. You need to […]

By May 23, 2018

How-to: Shape Tools

Silhouette Studio® provides you with a set of basic drawing tools you can use to create shapes. It takes the pain out of creating them yourself. For starters, you can locate the […]