I always like to have a theme for my parties and events, and Independence Day is no different! This year I came up with the idea of “stars & sips” and I am going to offer an array of beverages and DIY stations. And what 4th of July party is complete without some patriotic stars to represent the 50 states!

Here are a few ideas on how to use this design:

  1. Use it on a platter and display hors d’oeuvre
  2. Place the Stars & Sips Design on a Pitcher of your favorite beverage
  3. Provide the cups with the design as a party favor
  4. Transfer the design on chargers at each place setting

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Locate Your Design

  1. Locate the LW CAROLINE font (Design ID #153787) in your library and double-click to open the font in Silhouette Studio®.
  2. Adjust the size of the design by selecting it entirely and dragging the outer corner to make it larger or smaller. According to the size of your cup, you’ll want to adjust your shape to complement its size.
  3. Now that your design is ready to go you are all set to cut your design.

Step 2: Cut the Stars & Sips Design

When you open the Cut Settings panel, everything the CAMEO will cut will be highlighted in red…the perfect color for the 4th of July.

Choose “Vinyl” from the menu and adjust your blade to the recommended number if you have an automatic blade it will do the work for you. Load the vinyl into the CAMEO, click “Send to Silhouette” Make sure it is on the cut setting.

Step 3: Prepare and Apply the Design

When the CAMEO is finished cutting, weed out the excess vinyl.

With the help of transfer tape (I live for this stuff), carefully apply the monogram to your cup!

This quick and easy silhouette project is not only going to make a splash at your 4th of July party, but it’ll be your party motto! I hope you love this design inspiration and use it at your next event! Until next time…Live Like a Mother xoxo- Jess

This blog post was contributed by Jessica of the blog Live Like A Mother. Follow her for more inspiring Silhouette projects.