Did you know we sell Adhesive Washi Sheets? We have tons of washi tape rolls, but the sheets allow you to get a little more creative with the application. We made these Washi photo frames, perfect for adorning small photos to make a little collage. Arrange on your wall, in a journal, or even the fridge!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting Your Designs

1. Insert the specified design IDs into Silhouette Studio®.

2. Size your frames so they fit your photos appropriately. My photos are all square, so I adjusted the frame dimensions accordingly. Send to your machine and cut out on your washi sheets.

3. Keep in mind that each pattern is only 4 inches wide, so arrange your designs to fit within those bounds.

Step Two: Applying Your Frames

1. Once you unload your cutting mat, carefully peel off your frames from the washi sheets and apply them onto the front of your photos.

2. Place your photos on the wall or your desired location. The washi sheets will easily peel off your photo if you want to remove it.