By Jan 29, 2016

Sketch Pen Coloring Page

  Did you know that you can create your own DIY coloring page using the Silhouette? While you can use the print and cut option, you can also use sketch pens! Today I’ll share how I made this intricate coloring page, perfect for a rainy (or snowy) afternoon! Supplies Needed: Silhouette CAMEO® Cardstock Sketch Pens […]

By Jan 28, 2016

Wintry Scrapbook Layout

The Print & Cut feature on your Silhouette CAMEO® is so simple to use!  Yes, I said simple!  I used this feature several times on my layout—using no manufacturer’s patterned paper whatsoever.   Supplies: Silhouette CAMEO® Silhouette Studio® Silhouette Adhesive Backed Cardstock Silhouette White Printable Adhesive Backed Cardstock Silhouette Printable Vellum     Step One […]

By Jan 27, 2016

Stippled Metal Art

Hey, Curio users! Have you tried metal stippling yet? This is a piece of stippled metal art I made for my Valentine’s Day décor. Shall we find out how to use the Silhouette Curio™ to stipple on metal? Let’s do it! Supplies and Tools needed for this project: Silhouette Curio™ Stippling & Etching tool Curio […]

By Jan 26, 2016

Hugs And Kisses Valentine’s Stamp

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means your kids will be having parties at school! Those little paper valentines with superheroes and My Little Pony on them can be expensive, so why not make a Hugs and Kisses Valentine’s Day stamp that you can use over and over for a fraction of […]

By Jan 22, 2016

Vinyl Gift Tags

  Ah, treats. My love language. My go-to. I know some of you feel me on this one. Whether in the form of candy or a fresh-baked cookie, it’s the direct way to my heart. And what better than to be able to give a sweet treat to a friend topped with a little handmade […]

By Jan 21, 2016

Fabric Ink Valentine Towels

These adorable dish towels make a fun statement in your home and are so easy to create using the stencil material and fabric ink! Here’s how you can create your own too! Supplies: Silhouette CAMEO® Silhouette Studio® Red fabric ink Stencil material (and included transfer material) Paint sponge Dish towels Hook tool Scraper     […]

By Jan 20, 2016

Felicity Jane: Silhouette Spotlight

Have you been to our Silhouette Design Store recently?! We have some incredibly talented artists in our store, and today, I just wanted to rave about one of my faves—Felicity Jane! The girl behind Felicity Jane is the ever-so-talented Jeana Goodwin. Every one of her designs scream, “DOWNLOAD ME!” I literally have each and every one […]

By Jan 20, 2016

Stamped Scrapbook Layout

I’m sharing with you a layout that I created using a stamp that I made with the Silhouette Mint™. I used the stamped image to create the design of my layout.   To create this layout you will need: Silhouette CAMEO®  and 12 in. x 12 in. mat Silhouette Mint™ and stamp ink of your choice (in […]

By Jan 19, 2016

Carousel Card

This design is a cute carousel card that was designed by Daniela Moscone. I decided to “bling it up” a bit with some glitter heat transfer material and rhinestones. Yes, you can use glitter heat transfer on paper! For you card makers out there, this will be a review (or you may pick up a few tricks). […]

By Jan 18, 2016

Easy Laptop Decal

Laptops are one of our most prized personal possessions. We work on them, we play on them, we communicate with loved ones on them—laptops are extremely important to our everyday lives. So why not personalize yours to reflect a little bit of who you are and inspire yourself every time you open your laptop up? […]

By Jan 15, 2016

Jewelry Dish

I absolutely love making simple vinyl projects like this jewelry dish. The CAMEO cuts through vinyl beautifully, leaving me with vinyl designs I can place anywhere. If you haven’t used adhesive vinyl yet, this is the perfect place to start!   What you’ll need: Small dish Vinyl Transfer paper Hook Scraper   Step One: Preparing […]

By Jan 14, 2016

Stamped Wooden Spoons

    In this tutorial, I will teach you how to utilize one stamp for two different pattern designs, and how I used them to stamp the handles of these wooden spoons—making cute, easy party decor only a few steps away! When working in Mint Studio™, the software opens many of the shapes by compressing […]