By Aug 31, 2017

Design And Print A Custom Wall Calendar

The school year is in full swing for some of us and around the corner for others. Either way, you need this cute calendar to keep you on task. Or just because it’s super cute and customizable to your taste…or whatever is trending on social media. Let’s not procrastinate and get right to it! Supplies […]

By Aug 30, 2017

Make A Scalloped Faux Leather Pencil Pouch

Start the school year off in style, with this beginner sewing project. This pouch is just the right place to stash pencils and other school supplies, keeping everything organized and cute. The faux leather paper is great to work with because it never frays and is easy to sew. Don’t let the zipper intimidate you—stitching […]

By Aug 29, 2017

Fabric Inked Pendant Flag

Did you know that Silhouette sells a fabric ink? It’s a soft-drying ink, so it will better resist cracking and peeling once dried. The dried paint has a soft feel that blends with the feel of the fabric, so you get the visual appeal of a custom design on your fabric but keep the original feel of the […]

By Aug 27, 2017

Get Clever With Printable Duct Tape!

Can you believe how fast the past three months have flown by? Here in the states, it’s back-to-school season so I’ve created a duct-tape project to share with you. Does duct tape remind you of school, or is it just me? With Silhouette’s help, this is about as easy as it gets! Did you know […]

By Aug 26, 2017

Back to School Projects

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. Here are a few lovely projects to put those summer days behind you and get excited about getting back in the classroom. Send your little one off to school with this sweet little project by Kelly Wayment. Give a […]

By Aug 24, 2017

Easy Planner Band With Cork Sheets

Hey, all you planner enthusiasts! I know how pretty you guys like your calendars with all the fun stickers, lists, and inserts. I also know how important organization is to you, and how quickly you need to check your calendar these days. I’m here for you with this tutorial! So, I like experimenting and discovered that […]

By Aug 23, 2017

Chalkboard Sign Teacher Gift

If you are looking for the perfect teacher gift, you’ve come to the right place! Carl Buechner said, “They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel”. The impact a teacher has on your child is immeasurable. Why not make them a special something to let them know […]

By Aug 22, 2017

Print & Cut Planner Stickers

There’s just an indescribable feeling about opening a brand-new planner and beginning to fill in the pages. We love to fill in our pages with stickers that we’ve cut with our Silhouette cutting machines. If you’d like to learn how to create these planner stickers follow along and see how we made them in just […]

By Aug 21, 2017

Silhouette Studio® Version 4.1 Released!

We at Silhouette are happy to tell you that a new update is out! Version 4.1 is here! And with that update comes some new features that we are really excited to share with you. Version 4.0 was all about a new look and feel, a software that was more intuitive and easier to use.  Now, […]

By Aug 20, 2017

“HOME is Where the Heart is” Personalized Water Bottle (with Intake Tracker)

Two things you might have in common with me. One, I love where I live (I live in Eastern Washington). Two, I drink way too much soda (or is it pop? Soda-pop? Cola?). If these sound like you then high-five! Being motivated to drink water is personally my biggest struggle, so I tried to infuse […]

By Aug 18, 2017

Create Your Own Laptop Decal

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and wondered how the person across the table got their awesome laptop decal? Now you can make your own! I’ve always been such a dreamer and a hopeless romantic, so it’s no surprise I decided to choose a very dreamer-like image from the Silhouette Design Store. In […]

By Aug 17, 2017

Felt Pennant Flags to Decorate Your Dorm Room

So, you (or someone you know) are heading off to college! Congratulations! Textbooks, tuition, and rent may have you strapped for cash, but your dorm room décor need not suffer! You’re a DIY-er, so you can turn those cinder-block walls from drab to fab in 30 minutes or less with these spirited, felt pennant flags. […]