By Apr 29, 2020

Silhouette Story: Paper Portrait Artist Fenway Fan

Fenway Fan grew up in China and moved to the US in hopes of becoming an acclaimed artist. Those dreams began to be realized when she caught the attention of Disney and was was hired as a graphic designer for Disney theme park merchandise. Now she brings elements of her Chinese heritage into her incredible […]

By Apr 23, 2020

Create a Custom Vase with the Silhouette Alta® Plus

Have you seen the new Silhouette Alta® Plus? One of the best new features of this 3D printer is the built-in fan that helps with your 3D prints’ details. In this project I’ll show you how to make a custom textured vase with the Silhouette 3D™ software’s lithophane feature! This tutorial uses Silhouette Studio® Business […]

By Apr 21, 2020

Silhouette Story: Paper Artist Diana Beltran Herrera

When Diana creates a work of art, she researches it, studies it, and creates some of the most stunning pieces of paper art featuring nature’s beautiful elements. We talked with her to hear her story and share more about her process for crafting these paper masterpieces. How did you get started designing and making with […]

By Apr 14, 2020

Printable Puzzle Cubes

Looking for a fun and quick project to put together with kids? These printable puzzle cubes are an easy way to get your kids thinking! Kids can help with the construction and then enjoy solving the six various puzzles! We’re making our puzzles with chipboard and printable vinyl to be a bit more sturdy, but […]

By Apr 10, 2020

Shrink Plastic Window Hearts

Have you seen all the fun art people are displaying in their windows? I love spotting some happiness as I stroll about the neighborhood! If you want to join the fun, these hanging shrink plastic hearts add a touch of rainbow, and the light shines through them beautifully! They’re super simple to make, and kids […]

By Apr 08, 2020

Paper Quilled Bugs for Kids!

We were so in love with our Quilling Artwork that we wanted to create a simplified version you can do with your kids! Coiling the paper improves on fine motor skills, and kids can get creative with how they decorate their insects! If you try this project, remember to tag us on social media so […]

By Apr 06, 2020

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

Looking for an easy way to decorate eggs this year without the mess? Temporary tattoo paper allows you to add beautiful, detailed designs to eggs in just a few simple steps! We’re using a sweet Easter Print & Cut design for our eggs, but the sky’s the limit to what you can use! Supplies Needed: […]

By Apr 02, 2020

Introduction to the Silhouette Alta® Plus

Product Specifications9.875 in x 9 in x 18.75 in9.7 lbs Filament Type1.75 mmNonproprietary PLA filament Layer ThicknessFrom 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm Print Volume124 mm x 124 mm x 130 mm Introduction to the Silhouette Alta® Plus The Silhouette Alta® Plus is an upgraded version of Silhouette’s first 3D printer, the original Alta. It’s a […]

By Apr 02, 2020

Alta Plus Specifications

Silhouette Alta® Plus Specifications Silhouette Alta® Plus 3D Printer The Silhouette AltaÆ Plus 3D Printer is unlike any Silhouette machine on the market. Instead of cutting 2D materials, the Alta uses additive manufacturing to print a 3D design from the bottom up, allowing a simple idea to grow into a custom 3D object. Using a […]

By Apr 01, 2020

Paper Daffodils

If you’ve poked your head outside lately, chances are you’ve been seeing signs of spring! Buds on the leaves, longer days, and happy daffodils waving in the wind! If you want to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, these 3D paper daffodils are a fun project to try. Supplies Needed: Silhouette Cameo® or Silhouette Portrait® Silhouette […]