By Mar 23, 2016

Easy Planner Stickers

We all have endlessly busy lives. Errands to run, things to buy, projects to check off. It can definitely be overwhelming if you aren’t organized! Enter beautiful planner stickers. Whether or not […]

By Mar 14, 2016

PixScan Photo Art

One of the coolest pieces of technology when it comes to Silhouette has to be PixScan™. Have you ever had a photo of someone or something you found in a magazine that […]

By Mar 03, 2016

Tiling a Large Vinyl Wall Decal

Do you have an awesome design in mind that would look great plastered across the wall? You can make it happen easily by using the tiling feature in Silhouette Studio® Business Edition. Make […]

By Feb 23, 2016

Floral Name Banner

For this project we are using a beautiful flower design by Dresden Carrie. I have a friend who recently had a baby and wanted to make a special present for her. I thought […]

By Feb 12, 2016

Embossed Heart Art

One of the best features about the new Silhouette Curio definitely has to be the emboss and deboss features. How many times have you wanted to emboss a birthday card or make […]

By Feb 03, 2016

Bedazzled Mandala

    Have you ever been frustrated while trying to glue down tiny little paper cutouts or gems, only to have everything stick to your fingers and become a big gluey mess? […]

By Jan 26, 2016

Hugs And Kisses Valentine’s Stamp

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means your kids will be having parties at school! Those little paper valentines with superheroes and My Little Pony on them can be […]

By Jan 18, 2016

Easy Laptop Decal

Laptops are one of our most prized personal possessions. We work on them, we play on them, we communicate with loved ones on them—laptops are extremely important to our everyday lives. So […]

By Jan 08, 2016

Mr. And Mrs. Mint Stamp

I’ll be the first to tell you—I’m in LOVE with the Silhouette Mint™! I started playing around with it the other day and have already mastered how to make awesome custom stamps […]