By Feb 28, 2017

Five Ways To Customize Your CAMEO Dust Cover

One of the first projects I think every proud new CAMEO owner should do when you get a new Silhouette machine is to customize your CAMEO dust cover. I love having a matchy-matchy workspace—I try to do a little custom work on everything to make it fit right in with my décor. The covers are made from […]

By Feb 27, 2017

Mags Bonham & the Curio: Silhouette Spotlight

My name is Mags Bonham, and my husband and I have lived in Vermont, outside Burlington, for nineteen years. My husband is a craft beer home brewer, so we spend a lot of time enjoying his beer, and all the other great beer being made in Vermont. We love to travel and spend time with our […]

By Feb 25, 2017

Properly Care For Your Silhouette Blade

Caring for your Silhouette blade will ensure the longest life possible. You’ll know it’s time for a new blade when performance declines. I’ve been known to always keep a brand new blade waiting on deck. I’ve also been known to keep a blade past it’s prime in case of crafting emergency. I think this qualifies […]

By Feb 24, 2017

Metal Clay And Curio Master, Cindy Pope [Silhouette Spotlight]

Hi there! My name is Cindy Pope. I am from Portland, Oregon where I have lived for 11 years. I am a recovering Certified Public Accountant turned Jewelry Designer. My Favorite Machine is the Silhouette Curio™. But I have a family of machines and I use them all for different projects. I started using the Silhouette […]

By Feb 23, 2017

3 Projects Made With Favorite Silhouette Materials

Being on the Silhouette Design Team this past year has pushed me to try new things. It has allowed me to create some amazing crafts using materials I wouldn’t have normally thought to try. Sharing this blog with so many talented ladies has helped me think outside the box when it comes to crafting. Today […]

By Feb 22, 2017

Curio Crafting Expert Gloria Uhler: Silhouette Spotlight

Silhouette Spotlight is a new series that shines a light on creative Silhouette users all over the world. Do you know someone who uses their Silhouette in an exciting, new, or unique way? Contact us—one day we might get to shine the spotlight on you! Gloria Uhler—Domestic Diva, Crafter, And Creator My name is Gloria […]

By Feb 21, 2017

Cork Embellishments

Are you excited about the new products showing up in the Silhouette Online Shop? I am! Among the first new and unique products, I tried are the cork sheets, and I’m here to show you how to use them.   What You Should Know About the Cork Sheets: Adhesive backed and ready to stick anywhere […]

By Feb 19, 2017

Get Rid Of Vinyl Bubbles With This Simple Tip

How many times have you meticulously cut and weeded a design only to have it crease and bubble when you apply it to your item of choice? I can’t even count the number of times it has happened to me. Luckily, you don’t have to trash the whole design and start over. All you need […]

By Feb 18, 2017

Why The Replicate Tool Is A Game Changer

Can you guys believe it’s February already? I mean, time is just flying by . . . and if you have received a Silhouette machine for Christmas, I bet you haven’t had the chance to check out the Replicate Tool in Design Studio and learn why it’s a total game changer. To find this awesome […]

By Feb 16, 2017

What Is The Arc Tool In Silhouette Studio®?

Have you ever wanted to create something of your own in Silhouette Studio®? Maybe you want to curve text, or draw your own design? Maybe you want to tweak something from the Silhouette Design Store? There are so many tools to help you do just that. They’re intimidating, those funky little icons over there on […]

By Feb 14, 2017

Save Your Valentine’s Day With The Mint

Looking for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day project? Did your kids tell you last minute that their Valentine’s Day party at school is tomorrow? No worries—your Silhouette Mint has your back! Here’s a simple “How-To” that will save your Valentine’s Day in a hurry! 😉 Supplies:  Silhouette Mint Stamp Sheet 45 in. x 90 […]

By Feb 12, 2017

Quick, Cute, And Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Crafts

Hi crafty friends! I don’t know about you but I *love* Valentine’s Day, everything about it! Some of my favorite memories of growing up with my sister are the times when she helped me make my Valentine’s Day cards. She always made sure I had the cutest cards in class. Today, I’ll be showing you […]