By Apr 09, 2017

Easter Brunch | 5 Crafts to Spruce Up Table Decor for Easter

Hippity, Hoppity—Easter is certainly on it’s way! And with Easter comes brunch, and with brunch comes a bunch of cute ways to spruce up your Easter Brunch table. From place settings to drink accessories, […]

By Mar 30, 2017

Hand-Painted Planters Using Silhouette Stencil Material

Friends! Spring has sprung and it has got me wanting to be surrounded by beautiful botanicals, both indoors and out. So, here I am with a fairly fast and inexpensive way to add […]

By Feb 09, 2017

8 Must Have Valentine’s Day Crafts

Ah, love—the thing the world needs most right now. I’m taking the opportunity to smother people in that love lately, so we’ll put our focus into Valentines Day for now . . […]

By Nov 20, 2016

Sketch Pens Are Curio’s Best Friend—Here’s Why

The fall colors that make this project pop comes from the sketched stem detailing.  The leaves are all made out of neutral colored paper, so the variety of color options in the Sketch […]

By Oct 24, 2016

Custom Stamped Halloween Candy Stickers

  Friends, it’s that time of year again– when avoiding candy is impossible and we curse the ghouls that allow us to eat it all. And by ghouls, I mean my own inability […]

By Sep 14, 2016

Thickening A Font That Doesn’t Have A Bold Option

Friends! HELLO! It’s been a minute, huh? So glad to be back at it– sharing more tips, tricks and projects with you. By adding thickness to my favored thin lettering, I was […]

By May 24, 2016

Monogrammed Beach Bag

Hi friends! Brittany here, sharing an easy heat transfer material project.   I don’t know about you, but with the way Chicago’s weather has been acting lately, I’ve got one thing on […]

By Apr 08, 2016

Six Ways The Silhouette Mint™ Can Customize Your Wedding

Brides, Grooms, couples of all ages—have I got something special in store for you. Brittany here, sharing some different ways you can use your Silhouette Mint™  to help make your wedding a custom […]

By Mar 30, 2016

Easy Home Organization Tags

Home organization is one of my heartthrobs. Though, you wouldn’t guess that based on the looks of my desk and craft room right now. Ya feel me? So while I work on getting […]

By Mar 21, 2016

Silhouette Mint vs Stamping Material

Hello happy crafters! Brittany here. Today, instead of a tutorial, we’re gonna be doing things a little differently and go through the differences between creating a stamp using the Silhouette Mint® vs […]

By Mar 10, 2016

Stamped Wooden Coasters

Hello friends! Cheers, to whatever it is you’re celebrating right now. And cheers to trying out different materials on my Curio. Brittany here. Today I will be taking you through a tutorial […]

By Mar 01, 2016

Layered Bird Gift Topper

For this project I’ll be turning a bird design from  Jamie Koay into a little gift topper using some patterned cardstock I had on hand and Silhouettes’ Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper. If […]