By Mar 31, 2016

Personalized Luggage Tag

Oh, how I love using adhesive vinyl! It comes in oodles of beautiful colors, sticks to almost anything, and cuts like a dream. It’s the perfect choice for creating custom pieces. Today […]

By Mar 30, 2016

Easy Home Organization Tags

Home organization is one of my heartthrobs. Though, you wouldn’t guess that based on the looks of my desk and craft room right now. Ya feel me? So while I work on getting […]

By Mar 29, 2016

Paper Flower Basket

For this project, I got to work with this adorable basket design by Snapdragon Snippets; when I saw it, I knew that it would make the perfect faux planter for a tiny houseplant! […]

By Mar 28, 2016

Stamped Floral Wrapping Paper

Did you know that you can create your own custom wrapping paper using the Silhouette Mint™? Today, I’ll show you how!       You Will Need: Silhouette Mint™ Stamp kit – […]

By Mar 25, 2016

UV Light–Sensitive Fabric Ink Tee

Cari here with you, and today I’m sharing a fun project using UV light–sensitive fabric ink. This type of a project is fun for a kid of any age to wear—that’s why […]

By Mar 24, 2016

Multi-color Stippled Ink Decor

Happy Spring! (Or happy fall to our southern-hemisphere friends.) Either way, both seasons often mean it’s time to keep an umbrella handy, which is my inspiration for this project. I have been […]

By Mar 23, 2016

Easy Planner Stickers

We all have endlessly busy lives. Errands to run, things to buy, projects to check off. It can definitely be overwhelming if you aren’t organized! Enter beautiful planner stickers. Whether or not […]

By Mar 22, 2016

Fabric Home Decor

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to Tuesdays. What’s not to love about getting a brand new design each week for free?! This week I’m combining three of my […]

By Mar 21, 2016

Silhouette Mint vs Stamping Material

Hello happy crafters! Brittany here. Today, instead of a tutorial, we’re gonna be doing things a little differently and go through the differences between creating a stamp using the Silhouette Mint® vs […]

By Mar 17, 2016

Embossed Bunny Silhouette

Take your simple silhouettes up a notch with the score and emboss feature.   Supplies: Curio 6 x 8.5 ” base Floral scrapbook paper 5 x 7″ score and emboss paper Fine […]

By Mar 16, 2016

Multi-color Ice Cream Stamp

Today I’m sharing a layout with you where I used a multi colored stamp that I created using the Mint.  Oh how I just adore this little machine!       Supplies: […]

By Mar 15, 2016

3D Butterfly Purse

This design by Sweet Afton is a real treat! I’m a big fan of making boxes, containers, and purses with my CAMEO and my Curio, and you may be shocked to see […]