By Jan 31, 2017

Customize A Jewelry Box With The Silhouette Curio™

Few people enjoy the crafty gifts I make quite as much as my six-year-old niece. And because she loves them so, I do my best to create something fun and personalized to give her for nearly every special occasion. Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, so I broke out my Curio to […]

By Jan 29, 2017

New Year, New Home Decor

Do you like to change up your home decor every season or every year? Or every week? 😉 Whatever your time frame is, this round-up post is for you. If you’re ready to switch some things up a little in your home, let’s look at some beginning to moderate skill level ideas you can achieve […]

By Jan 26, 2017

How To Use PixScan™ To Decorate Handmade Cards

Did you know you can use PixScan™ to decorate handmade cards? Today, I’m going to tell you how you can “fussy-cut” patterned paper without even having to lift your detail scissors. To be honest, I’ve had a PixScan™ mat since last Christmas when I received it with the CAMEO, but I had never tried it out. […]

By Jan 22, 2017

Troubleshooting CAMEO 3 Problems

Have you ever heard the old adage, “When all else fails, read the directions.” If you follow the CAMEO 3 setup instructions I can almost guarantee smooth sailing ahead. However, I’ve compiled a few troubleshooting tips, just in case you have an issue. Since this post is regarding troubleshooting, I want to mention Silhouette America’s robust troubleshooting FAQ section on […]

By Jan 19, 2017

Pop Up Cards

Have you ever noticed how many card designs are available in the Design Store? There are thousands to choose from! And they’re all so amazing!!! I chose to create a couple of fun pop-up designs because I love dimension in my projects. And who wouldn’t love to receive one of these darling cards? Supplies needed: […]

By Jan 17, 2017

Have you discovered this new CAMEO 3 feature?

All you lucky people out there with the new Silhouette CAMEO® 3, have you discovered all of the new features?  Sure we know about Bluetooth®, dual carriages, and the AutoBlade (oh my!).  BUT have you noticed that hidden drawer below?   Go ahead, pull it out!  Yes, storage for your hook and spatula!!  I don’t […]

By Jan 15, 2017

Adventure Savings Jar Using the CAMEO 3 Autoblade

Hi All, Happy New Year! Emily here to show you how to make an adorable “Savings” Jar for any adventure you’re saving for this year. It certainly will make saving towards your goal a lot more fun! Supplies Needed: Any glass or plastic Jar with Lid Silhouette Chipboard Silhouette Adhesive Washi Sheets Silhouette Vinyl Silhouette […]

By Jan 12, 2017

Birthday Crafts With Your Silhouette

Hi friends! It’s Missy, and I’m bringing you my favorite birthday projects today because… it’s my birthday. I’ve got big plans to celebrate this big even-numbered birthday, so let’s get to it! Here are four fun birthday-inspired crafts that will come as a perfect surprise to friends and family. 1. Birthday Girl Stemware I’m not […]

By Jan 10, 2017

CAMEO 3 Features and Tips in Silhouette Studio®

Did anyone else get a CAMEO 3 for Christmas? Or, maybe you’re on the fence about ordering one to start a new business venture this year. Either way, this post is here to give you a mini tour of the new features in Silhouette Studio® that you’ll be able to access when you connect the […]

By Jan 08, 2017

Cutting Thick Material with the Cameo 3

Stay wild, Cameo 3, Stay wild. Oh hi there, my crafty peeps, Kathi here again showing you the wonders of my new Silhouette CAMEO® 3. If you haven’t gotten yours yet or need an upgrade I highly recommend purchasing this new machine. There are a couple of first times on this particular blog post. Number one, […]

By Jan 07, 2017

Easily Fill Any Cut Shape With Your Favorite Printable Pattern

Have you ever sat down to make the perfect project only to realize you didn’t have the right paper and you need it NOW? Or maybe you’re like me and live in a town with limited resources to the amazing variety of papers and craft supplies. Well, lucky for us Silhouette Design Store can save […]

By Jan 05, 2017

One Inspirational Word: Curio Stippling Tutorial

Hello, my friends! For the new year I decided to create a piece of metal word art to inspire me in 2017. The Silhouette Curio™ is an ideal machine for this because of its ability to work with special metal sheets. I love a little metal in my décor!   Here is what you’ll need […]