By Jul 31, 2017

Planeta Silhouette: Silhouette Spotlight

Did you know that Silhouette users can be found all over the world? In today’s Silhouette Spotlight, we’re featuring Ana, creator of Planeta Silhouette and an artist in the Silhouette Design Store. You can find and purchase Planeta Silhouette’s designs in the Design Store here. Ana is the creator of Planeta Silhouette and creates from her home in Madrid, […]

By Jul 30, 2017

Seven Date Ideas Made With The Silhouette CAMEO®

Let’s be honest here….. Date night is fun, but sometimes it’s a CHORE to pick the activity. We scoured the internet for the best ideas. We want to make date night sizzle again. Have we got your attention now? Grab your CAMEO and let’s get to work! Idea One: Adventures Saving Jar This cute jar […]

By Jul 29, 2017

Summertime Stargazing with Kids

One of my favorite things about summer as a kid was staying up late and stargazing, especially during a meteor shower. There’s something spectacular about looking up into the dark skies and seeing glittering stars and planets, some brighter than others, and some you don’t see until you stare long enough and a little faint […]

By Jul 28, 2017

3D Paper Flowers Wreath

Today we are sharing with you a tutorial on how to make 3D paper flowers to decorate a grapevine wreath. Paper flowers give a unique look to any project and they never fade and these paper flowers make this grapevine wreath pop! Want to know the tips and tricks for making your paper flowers look […]

By Jul 25, 2017

Create A Shadow Puppet Theater

Looking for a fun project for kids? Look no further than this shadow puppet theater to delight little ones. Using Adhesive Cardstock to decorate the theater makes this project a snap (and easy for little hands to help), and the CAMEO can cut out just about any shape for the puppets. We stuck with a […]

By Jul 22, 2017

Beat The Heat With Fun Summer Crafts

Oh, sweet summertime. Watermelon, lemonade, pineapples and sunshine fuel my soul. Why not take all the things you love and get crafty with them?! I have rounded up my favorite bright and cheery summer crafts to help you beat the summer heat. Watermelon Fry Boxes Whether you are serving your kids the cutest afternoon snack or […]

By Jul 21, 2017

New product sneak peeks!

Are you ready for some serious eye candy? We are excited to show you some sneak peeks into what we’ve been working on at Silhouette headquarters. Sit back and enjoy as we show you some projects made with a sampling of our yet-to-be-released selection of new Silhouette project materials! Specialty Tattoo Papers We are proud to […]

By Jul 20, 2017

No-Sew Leatherette Sleep Mask

I’ve got the easiest project for you guys today. It’s so easy you might have time for a nap when we’re done. How convenient that we are making a sleep mask to assist that nap! Silhouette Leatherette Sheets come in three colors: black, cream, and gold. These sheets are perfect for this mask because their […]

By Jul 18, 2017

Summer Date Night Jar

Can’t decide on what to do together on a Saturday night? Let me show you how to solve that problem with this adorable date night jar. All you have to do is decide on what type of date, and then pick that coordinating colored stick from the jar. Keep it fun; don’t peek! With a […]

By Jul 17, 2017

Bingo Dates Tutorial

Do you guys know when the “Honeymoon Stage” is over? Well, they say it only lasts one year after marriage. But you know what? We will beat those odds with this adorable Bingo Date Tutorial that I’m going to show you. I, myself have been married for 6 years now so this project was really fun […]

By Jul 13, 2017

Embossed Leatherette Key Chains

Hi, friends! Are you ready for a super-fun Curio project? In keeping with this month’s theme of #summerlovin and date ideas, I thought it would be fun to make matching embossed-leather key chains for couples. If you’re new to Silhouette Curio™, you may want to start with the basics in this post. Otherwise, let’s get […]

By Jul 11, 2017

Farm to Table Summer Date

For this Farm to Table date, you and your significant other can pick a favorite recipe, head off to the Farmers Market to grab some local ingredients, and then continue the fun of your date by going home to cook together! What I love about this date is that it’s simple and inexpensive enough to […]